Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bulimia Recovery Center in Roseville Treats Young Athletes

Perfectionism is a trait that can haunt someone suffering from an eating disorder or even a young athlete. Unfortunately, sometimes the three are connected. Less will not make your body stronger Bulimia treatment centers in California has found research on young athletes commonly being linked with eating disorders after the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) conducted a study on 1,445 Division 1 athletes. PsyD LP Clinical director at Melrose Center, Heather Gallivan discovered that many young athletes felt the need to lose weight in order to be faster, smaller, lighter, or for other reasons they felt would help them perform at a higher level in their sport. From the study Gallivan explained, “One in four female athletes and one in 10 male athletes are at higher risk for anorexia than the general population.”

Monday, April 4, 2016

Transgenders More Likely to Need Teen Eating Disorder Recovery

It has always been a stereotype that young women are more likely to be susceptible to an eating disorder than any other group of people. Research is now telling us that teen eating disorder recovery is needed amongst transgender youth more than ever before. Researchers find that transgender youth turn to eating disorders due to confusion and anxiety linked with gender dysphoria. Founder of the Eating Disorder Resource Center, Dr. Judith Brisman, explains how gender dysphoria is not kind on transgender people. Many people who deal with gender dysphoria were assigned a sex at birth that they are not at all comfortable with as they grow into their bodies.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Adolescent Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Says Feel It All

Do you ever feel like your emotions are like big weights just holding you down? Let’s be honest – emotions can be confusing and frustrating if not handled properly. People who suffer from eating disorders tend to feel this way and feel at a loss when trying to take the reigns on their emotions. Adolescent binge eating disorder treatment programs find that people with eating disorders use food as an escape to how they are really feeling. Taking charge of your food consumption is one way to make you believe you are controlling the issues in your life that you don’t know how to cope with. But if we have to be harsh – the emotions and food are both in control of this situation now. Learning how to differentiate when you are physically hungry and when you are emotionally hungry is crucial in recovery. Learning that food will not fix feelings of anger, fear, hurt, frustration, and anxiety – only you can do that.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Recovery in Roseville Talks Link Between Being Cold and Anorexia

Our bodies have a natural insulation inside them made specifically to keep us warm. But without taking care of it properly, that system fails. Aspire Wellness, a place for anorexia recovery in Roseville, sees victims of eating disorders with low body temperatures all the time. That’s because People who are faced with the intensity of anorexia tend to be on the colder side for mainly one obvious reason:Woman warmly clothed in a cold home Low body fat While it is more likely a symptom of anorexia nervosa, feeling cold can happen to people with other eating disorders. If you aren’t sure of why you would have low body fat while being anorexic, it goes a little like this – you stop eating food and then you start losing fat. Important fat. Fat that keeps you warm and alive.

Friday, April 1, 2016

California Eating Disorder Recovery Admires Project Heal Campaign

Project Heal asked women to post a personal statement of self-affirmation with the hashtag #WhatMakesMeBeautiful to raise awareness about inner beauty. In the last week of February, Project Heal launched their campaign during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week that lasted from February 21st to February 27th. Aspire Wellness, an eating disorder treatment center in California, couldn’t help but celebrate the #WhatMakesMeBeautiful campaign because of its insightful message.Love Yourself Torn Paper Project Heals organization not only raises awareness about eating disorders, they also raise money to help those who cannot afford California eating disorder recovery. Their mission is to, “Provide grant funding for people with eating disorders who cannot afford treatment, promote healthy body image and self esteem, and serve as a testament that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible,” as stated on their website.