Saturday, June 27, 2015

Eating disorder treatment centers in California can manage relapse

Realizing that small slip-ups will happen from time to time doesn’t mean full relapse will follow. Angela Guarda, MD is the Director of Eating Disorders at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and she urges, “If you do, (slip-up) “the key is to get back to a normal eating pattern with the next meal instead of going into a full relapse. She added, “Tell yourself, ‘I had a slip. … Now I need to make sure I get back on track and eat three regular meals.’” When seeking an eating disorder treatment center in California, make sure they have plans in place to handle the unfortunate event of relapse. Anorexia rehab centers in Roseville like Aspire Wellness and many other bulimia treatment centers in California are well aware of any possibilities of potential relapse and have tried and true plans to help get you or your loved-one back on track.might send you into relapse. Knowing some steps will help.

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