Monday, July 6, 2015

Rehab for teen eating disorders are fairly common, here some the signs

In bulimia, the sufferer may appear to have some swelling in the face or jaw area. You may also notice calluses on their knuckles from self-induced vomiting. Lesser known ways a sufferer may enact the “purging” process is through compulsive exercise, sometimes to the point of injury. The use of diuretics and laxatives are a major sign of a bulimia sufferer. Most eating disorder rehabs for teens can provide you with an extensive list of symptoms before you commit to entering them into a recovery program. A Teen eating disorder rehab like Aspire Wellness can help you pin point the symptoms and confirm or put to rest any suspicions that you might have about your teen. Making sure to take the time to listen and observe what’s going on in you child’s world is important to taking the first step to a full recovery.

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