Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bulimia Recovery Centers in California on TV Star's Struggles

Recovery is possible for everyone! Coming out about an eating disorder can be intimidating and overwhelming. It is incredibly scary to tell someone what you’ve been going through because you might think they will judge you and this places you in a vulnerable position. But coming out to people is not the enemy. Keeping that eating disorder inside is. Here at Aspire Wellness bulimia treatment centers in Roseville, we understand that it’s a lot easier said than done to receive treatment for an eating disorder. But we also want you to know that recovery is possible for anyone. Traumatic events can bring on an eating disorder Star of the 90s sitcom “Full House” and recent “Fuller House”, Candace Cameron Bure has talked about her struggle in the past with bulimia. But because bringing awareness to eating disorders is incredibly crucial, she continues to talk about it often.

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