Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sticking to Your Plan at Anorexia Treatment Center in Roseville

If you are suffering from anorexia, you know the many “reasons” a person can create in their mind for giving up on their recovery efforts. While those excuses may not always (or ever) make it to your conscious thinking, subconsciously you understand how and why people surrender. As we tell people at our anorexia treatment center in Roseville, the key to success is not ignoring the reasons for quitting, it’s exposing them for what they are: inaccurate, habitual, negative thinking. From there you can address each of them and create a plan for breaking their hold on you.

Some of the more common things anorexia sufferers tell themselves include:

“All the popular people are thin.”

This simply isn’t true. Yes, there are people in the “in” crowd who are thin. But if you look around, you’ll see that any crowd worth being a part of includes people of all body types.

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