Friday, October 14, 2016

California Eating Disorder Recovery Center on Avoiding “Hanger”

Irrational anger due to being especially hungry (or being “hangry” to use the somewhat recent term for this condition) is something we can all relate to. People sometimes joke about it, but for someone who is in recovery from an eating disorder, it’s no laughing matter. At our eating disorder treatment center in California, we stress that a person should to stick with the recovery/eating plan that has been designed for them. But for those who have entered a less structure phase of their recovery, we encourage them to eat intuitively.

Staying Out of Survival Mode

As the energy from your most recent meal is used up, your glucose level drops. If this process goes too far, your brain feels you are beginning to “starve” and it kicks into survival mode. For some people and under certain conditions, that can manifest as aggression or lashing out. Read more from this blog.

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