Monday, January 23, 2017

Bulimia Recovery Center in California Offers 3 Ways to Deal with Triggers

While in recovery from bulimia, you will encounter the emotional “triggers” that led to your unhealthy eating behaviors in the past. While that is a virtual certainty, there is no reason you have to give in to them. As we tell people at our bulimia recovery center in California, the goal in recovery is not to learn how to avoid your triggers but to learn how to handle them.
The three strategies we find to be most successful for managing triggers are:

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If you try to avoid thinking about your triggers, you only give them more power over your life. On the other hand, if you explore what they are and how they developed, you weaken their control over you. Try making a list of your triggers as you encounter them. Give them a name and jot down what kind of emotions they stir up in you. Then, for each one, describe a healthy emotional response. That response won’t come naturally at first, but having written it down will help you remember it and over time you’ll get better at countering your triggers with healthier thought patterns.

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