Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bulimia Recovery Center in Roseville Describes Drama Therapy

In our culture, “drama” is a word that has developed a negative connotation, as in, “Oh, the drama!” But drama therapy uses the more theatrical meaning of the word. Drama therapy is what is referred to as an experiential therapy, meaning it involves participation in an experience. Art, music, play, writing, and movement therapy are other forms of experiential therapy. At our bulimia recovery center in Roseville, we love that there are so many effective ways to address eating disorders.
How Does Drama Therapy Work?
Drama therapy can involve just an individual, but more often there are a group of participants. It is led by a trained therapist who typically has both mental health counseling expertise and background in arts-based therapies. The goal of the therapy is to promote understanding, growth, and change in the participants. Read more from this blog.

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