Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Adolescent Binge Eating Disorder Treatment During Events

Surviving the holidays while dealing under the stress of an eating disorder can feel pretty impossible. Besides the parties and food, dealing with the social pressures of the holidays can be enough. But if there are family members and friends there building a strong support system, then it is much more doable. Adolescent binge eating disorder treatment programs see the struggle that victims go through everyday and want to lessen the load for them. Allow family to be supportive One woman who dealt with anorexia turned bulimia disorder, opened up about her disorder during Christmas one year. “I just couldn’t cope with all the food anywhere. I lost all control around food. But I didn’t want to ruin Christmas for those around me, so I pretended to be fine, but purged behind closed doors. By my second Christmas with an eating disorder, I was so terrified of all the eating that I skipped Christmas altogether and spent it alone.”

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