Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Eating Disorder Treatment Center in California on Veganism

If someone told you there was one perfect way to eat in the world, would you do it? The truth is, we all strive to make the best food choices we can, but there isn’t only one kind of diet for everyone. Some people have allergic reactions, some like to eat mainly vegetables, some are animal rights activists, and so on. So saying we all need to jump on the vegan bandwagon would be like saying we all need to wear the same size pants – it’s just not going to work out for everyone. Right now veganism is trending, but does that mean it’s right for you? Eating disorder treatment center in California, Aspire Wellness, took the time to take a look at veganism and see if it’s really a good idea to try while facing an eating disorder – the results may not be in your best interest. You won’t be getting the proper nutrients you need by just eating plants Eating fruits and veggies are vital to getting the nutrients you need that cannot be received anywhere else.

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